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Research and Development Hub

The Healthia R&D Hub was established to support Healthia’s vision of providing world-class health services through excellence and innovation in health care and service delivery. The Healthia R&D Hub brings together industry partners, researchers and clinicians to challenge current thinking and traditional models of care. As Australia’s largest allied health company, Healthia is in a unique position to positively influence healthcare and health service delivery in primary care.



To guide our R&D activities, the Healthia Hub has developed key clinical, research and commercial objectives:

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  • Ensure all R&D activities have a ‘so what’? i.e., clear and meaningful clinical application(s)

  • Foster the development of clinician-researchers and encourage a culture of innovative practice

  • Move to true personalised health care

  • Promote and foster health prevention activities

  • Attract and engage undergraduate and post-graduate students

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  • Drive disruptive entrepreneurship that align with our objectives

  • Be self-sustaining through government and non-government funding

  • Improve cost-effectiveness and efficiency of health service delivery

  • Attract, retain and engage staff by offering diversity in practice and career pathways

  • Attract like-minded organisations

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  • Develop innovative and clinically meaningful programs of research

  • Undertake research that seeks to challenge the status quo

  • Utilise technology to ensure equity and optimal health care for all

  • Partner with like-minded industry partners, institutions and organisations


Significance and Innovation

As Australia’s leading allied health organisation, Healthia has the expertise and capacity to impact the way healthcare is delivered in primary care. The Healthia R&D Hub provides the research and technological expertise and links with government and non-government partners to help support Healthia’s clinicians deliver transformative healthcare.  

Current Research Projects

Meet Healthia's PhD Students
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